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A-Frame chicken coop

Hula Coop

A handsome space saver. Lightweight. Portable.

A-Frame chicken coop

Lots of options with this easy to clean, safe and comfy A-Frame coop. 

Rainbow arch chicken coop

The gracefully curved roofline of the Rainbow Arch provides a comfy home for up to six hens and adds interest to your outdoorspace.  

Gothic Arch chicken coop

Gothic Arch
Chicken Coop

Gothic Arch coop where glamour meets comfort and safety for your flock. This coop adds real pizzazz to your backyard space. Houses up to six hens in style.Check out the Gothic Arch Construction Plans here.


Chalet chicken coop

Chicken Coop

Reminiscent of structures in the Alpine regions of Europe, the Chalet chicken coop houses up to 6 chickens. The A-frame roof provides plenty of space and ventilation to keep hens safe and comfortable while complementing your landscaping.

The Chicken Bus Coop
Chicken Bus Coop

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 • Local pickup available. We'll help load your coop onto your truck or trailer.

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Chickens aren't just for the country anymore!

Urban and suburban backyard flocks are showing up everywhere as rules change and regulations relax. If you're excited about having fresh eggs daily, fewer bugs on your lawn and an endless source of chicken-antic entertainment, then it's time to get started.

That's where Well Kept Chicken comes in.

Your first step, even before you buy those cute, fluffy baby chicks, should be choosing a chicken coop that will provide them with a safe, secure and attractive place to live. Our space-efficient coops are designed to keep your chickens comfy, and you and your neighbors happy.

It all began when… 

we saw that our plump, sassy hens needed a better place to live,  
so we created a chicken coop.

A coop for our birds that keeps out weasels, raccoons, ornery old Chicken for cooppossums and the neighbor’s big black dog. 

A coop that locks up tight to banish the terrors of night, kicks the arse of the cold north wind, and opens wide to the sunshine of spring.


A coop built of lumber from the great north woods that blends with the lawns of the ‘burbs, the city rooftops and the country-land pastures, because blending matters to those who want things attractive and neat.

Farm fresh eggsA coop with cozy nest boxes so the girls can hide and lay those luscious, fresh eggs, and then prance down the ladder cackling about their accomplishments – bragging rights and pecking order securely in place. 

Yes, we created a chicken coop and we saw that it was good, so we created another – different in looks, but identical in nature – and we’re still creating. 

Our hens are happy. Our hens are healthy. Our hens are safe.

All because we created a chicken coop.


Keep YOUR hens happy, healthy and safe with a Well Kept Chicken Coop. 


We are committed to…

… providing upscale, high-quality chicken coops, manufactured in the USA. We use only wood from sustainable forests, and all components of our coops (except the screws) are made in the USA. 

Here are some things you need to know.


Coop Roof• Aesthetically pleasing roofline compliments your landscaping 

• Wavy roof slats for extra design flair

• Naturally venting to provide the fresh air your hens need to stay healthy

Nest Box & RoostNest Box and Roost

• The 39” nest box is divided into three sections, each large enough for even the fluffiest of hens.

• Nest box design gives every hen the privacy she seeks while laying those luscious eggs.

• An exterior door for each nest box section lets you conveniently gather eggs without entering the coop or disturbing a hen at work.

• Roost comfortably sleeps up to 6 hens and is a comfortable size for their tender feet

Doors & Windows

Coop Doors and Windows• Front door opens wide for easy coop access and cleaning.

• Front door features attractive door-within-a-door styling. Open the inner door for viewing or ventilation, close it to keep the coop warm and cozy.

• Rear window closes to minimize the drafty conditions dangerous to your flock. 

• Quarter-inch thick HDPE plastic panels on all window openings feature a classy quatrefoil design. Or, we can custom-cut the panels in almost any design of your choice. You see in, your hens see out…in style.

• Fox-B-Gone locks secure each opening for ultimate protection from sneaky predators.

TrapdoorCoop Trap Door

• Located in the coop floor

• Exterior lever opens the trapdoor so hens can exit the coop during daylight hours, then closes it to keep them safe at night…without you reaching inside

• Honeycomb ladder/ramp gives hens the traction they need to get to ground level.

Runs (optional)

Coop Run• Playpen or Playground models attach securely to our coops. Click here for more info.

• For those who prefer a wire run, the sturdy frame used for the Playpen and Playground is available without the HDPE plastic panels. You supply the wire of your choice. Call for pricing.


• Chicken coop models are unpainted.

• Natural characteristics of the wood show beautifully when you apply good quality exterior stain.

• Match your home, outbuildings or landscaping with the colors of your choice in a high quality exterior paint.

• Some coop owners prefer to sand some coop edges prior to staining or painting. 

• All coops should be stained or painted for maximum durability and longevity.


• Coops available for pickup at our facility.

Well Kept Chicken Coops - Proudly made in the USA. 
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1-800-720-8140 or 417-924-2307