Q. What should I look for when choosing a chicken coop?

A. The most important considerations are…

  • Safety for your birds
  • Proper ventilation
  • Adequate space
  • Suitable roosts
  • Easily accessible nest boxes
  • Simple to clean
  • Durable
  • Functional
  • Good value
  • Attractive

Q.  How does a Well Kept Chicken coop keep my birds safe?

A.  Your ladies must be protected from…

  • Predators – All Well Kept Chicken coops come equipped with Fox-B-Gone locks, a Made in the USA lock of the finest billet aluminum that will foil the attempts of even the craftiest predator to gain entrance. In addition, doors have reinforced edges that fit securely into the opening so rodents can’t gnaw their way in.
  • Weather – We use super-strong materials and advanced construction techniques to make coops that protect your flock from harsh weather conditions.  Precision-crafted box joints give panel intersections the strength they need to withstand wind.

Q.  Why is ventilation important?

 A.  Just like us, chickens need fresh air to stay healthy. What they don’t need is a draft. With our coops, you control which and how many of the ventilator/viewing ports you leave open. The openings are planned for cross ventilation during hot weather so the coop stays comfortable, and close tightly to avoid drafts when the weather is cold. Vents in the roof allow the escape of hot air and avoid the buildup of harmful gases.

Q.  How much space should I allow for each hen in my coop?

A.  Four square feet per standard bird (4-7 pounds) is a generally accepted figure. Smaller breeds are good with 2 sq. ft. each. Every girl likes her space, so don’t crowd them too much. You should double these estimates if your birds are totally confined.

Q. What’s the best type of roost?

A.  Well Kept Chicken coops feature roosts that are 4” wide and 2” thick. Chickens like perching as high as possible in the coop, and the wide roost helps them hold on tight while they keep their feet warm by sitting on them.

Q.  What are nest boxes and how many do I need?

A. Hens have a natural desire to lay their eggs in a discreet place. Well Kept Chicken coops feature nest boxes that are easily accessible from the exterior for gathering eggs, but are private enough so hens feel comfortable using them. Each model of Well Kept Chicken coops has the ideal number of nest boxes based on the hen capacity of the coop. 

Q.  How do I clean my coop?

A.  Well Kept Chicken coops feature wide doors for cleaning ease. Simply use a rake to pull the soiled bedding toward you and out into a waiting trash can. Then it’s off to the compost pile where the refuse you just gathered turns into black gold for your garden and lawn. We also offer flexible plastic mats manufactured to fit your coop model. Just roll the edges a bit and remove, litter and all, then wash with a hose and reuse.

Q.  How can I know if a coop is durable?

A.  Look for quality materials, outstanding workmanship and the Made in the USA label.  We use our precision manufacturing tools to create pieces that fit right every time. The accuracy of our box joints make panel intersections super strong. Our wood coops are made of American made ACX, CDX and CCX exterior plywood (that may contain some wood from the forests of Canada.) We assemble our coops using screws, not nails (a nail will fail). Coop kits are assembled using screws, too. Compare the weight of our coop with those of imports. Since ours are constructed of dimensional lumber and strong plywood, they are heavier. Our coops are built to last!

It’s a well known fact that strong, solid HDPE plastic lasts for millions of years. That’s a good for our customers who want a coop to last, and good for our environment because the plastic we use is 100% recyclable.

Q.  Are Well Kept Chicken coops “green?”

A.  We are committed to using sustainable materials. All plywood used in Well Kept Chicken coops is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, the largest single forest certification standard in the world. To learn more about SFI certification, go to http://www.sfiprogram.org/ Our plastic coops are 100% recyclable to help keep our planet safe.

Q. Why is Made in the USA  a big deal?

A.  We are an American manufacturer committed to home grown economic success. The American workforce produces exceptionally high-quality goods, using strict labor, content and environmental guidelines. When you purchase these goods, you are providing jobs for people right here at home and contributing to the prosperity of our great nation.  And best of all, you get products you can count on!

Q. Will moisture cause the plywood to delaminate?

A. You can minimize the threat of the plywood layers separating by giving your coop a good coat(s) of exterior paint, stain or sealer as soon as possible, being sure to apply plenty to wood edges. In the event that an edge shows signs of separation, simply squirt some carpenter’s glue into the area and apply a clamp until the glue dries. Presto! It’s as good as new.

Have more questions? Give us a call. We have real people standing by to assist you.