Gothic Arch





The Gothic Arch Chicken Coop...

Influenced by the classic architecture of Europe, the Gothic Arch coop gives you and your hens a coop that’s swoon worthy. The arch of the roof line is repeated in the front and back window and door openings, resulting in an architectural unity one does not expect in a chicken coop.

The Gothic Arch coop has a removable nest box measuring 39” It’s divided into three sections so each hen gets the privacy she desires while laying her eggs. Three nest box doors open to the exterior for easy egg gathering.  One 39” roost, suitable for up to 6 hens is also included. The in-the-floor trapdoor opens from outside the coop to allow your hens easy access to the outdoors while keeping them safe at night.

The Gothic Arch comes fully assembled. You supply the paint or stain of your choice to match your style and landscaping. All coops must be painted or stained with good exterior products to keep them looking and lasting their best.

Dimensions: 46” x 47” x 58 1/2 “ (not including legs)

Introductory Price  

Assembled Coop: $1,895  CLEARANCE PRICE $495.00  (3 available)

Must be picked up at our facility. We’ll load your coop onto your vehicle.

Call to order 1-800-720-8140 or 417-924-2307


Want to build your own? Check out our construction plans here.