Our Story

We own and operate a manufacturing facility that produces some of the finest, American made, precision-crafted tools on the market.
What does that have to do with chickens?Made in the USA
Simply this:  We raise chickens. We know a lot about chickens.  And, we really, really like them!

So, after several discussions about  the pros and cons of coops available on the market, we decided to put our extensive engineering backgrounds to work to develop a line of chicken coops that are over-the-top awesome in design, function and durability – the same qualities that make our tools so successful.

We wanted to use sustainable materials to build our coops. We carefully chose ACX, CDX and CCX plywood from the forests of Arkansas and Washington for the body and roof of the wood coops. To be sure our coops would last, we selected strong dimensional lumber from certified sustainable forests in the USA. Our plastic models are made of solid HDPE recyclable plastic that’s also made in the USA.

We are committed to producing a chicken coop of exceptional quality, continuing the proud tradition of American-made goods.  We want our coops to be completely made in the USA – 100% American components assembled by American workers. We’ve almost reached that goal. The only exception is the screws that are used to fasten the coop together. We haven’t located an American supplier for those yet, but we’re still looking!

Thus, the idea for Well Kept Chicken was hatched. Love for a hobby is now a great business. We’re using part of our manufacturing shop to produce world-class coops that are second to none.  It’s a lot of work, but it’s also lots of fun, because like we said – we like chickens!



Darrel AdamsonMeet Darrel…

He’s our CEO — Coop Engineer & Outfitter.

He’s the proud owner of several chickens who live comfortably in their Well Kept Chicken coop nestled deep in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains.

Darrel is the founder of Well Kept Chicken and Whistle Crossing, LLC. He has an extensive engineering background, and he invented and developed an internationally known line of decorative concrete tools. Now he’s enjoying designing and developing coops and other small structures.

Darrel is a hobby farmer. He spends weekdays at his desk, or building and testing prototypes in his large manufacturing facility. After work and on weekends, one finds him planning and excavating ponds on his rural acreage, observing the abundant wildlife, watching the antics of his flock of chickens and guineas, or enjoying a motorcycle excursion through the winding roads that abound in this area.


Meet Stephen…

He’s our master of computer drafting and design.

Stephen’s background includes an Associate Degree in Business Management, layout and design in the sheet metal industry, and three years of service in the Army during Desert Storm. Now one often finds him in a darkened office pouring over a computerized design of the latest coop, perfecting it for cutting on computerized industrial machines.

During his leisure time, Stephen enjoys spending time with his family on their rural property. “I’m a member of the Well Fed Neighbor Alliance that promotes gardening and local food sustainability,” he says, “so I enjoy my gardens. I also like my chickens and ducks. I have a good time shooting my guns, and I like movies and video games. Just average stuff, I guess.”

Meet Andrew…

He’s our tech guru, and he’s responsible for making this website work.

Andrew lives on a farm where he recently completed a new house. He and his bride, Savannah, enjoy the peace and quiet of country living. They don’t have a flock of chickens yet, but plan to in the near future. So far their time has been filled with completing their home, decorating, planting a lawn and establishing a garden. Andrew is interested in heirloom seeds, and he often helps out his wife’s parents, owners of White Harvest Seed Company, at weekend garden shows.

When he isn’t glued to the computer screen, Andrew enjoys photography, music, reading, firearms and shooting, biking and skiing. He especially enjoys traveling with Savannah.

Meet Sherry…

She’s our graphic designer. She’s responsible for most of the pretty stuff you see on our Well Kept Chicken site. Sherry has an Associate’s Degree in graphic design and computer graphics, and she enjoys creating, whether it be on the computer or with her hands.

Sherry isn’t a chicken owner. The town where she lives forbids chickens, so she has to rely on her childhood memories on the farm to help her relate to customers of Well Kept Chicken.

When she finds a bit of free time, Sherry enjoys working with her local Frontier Girls troop, which she is responsible for organizing. She likes to travel, and she especially loves floating the rivers of the Ozarks with her family.

Meet Vicki…

She’s a former teacher who has moved on to a new career in marketing. As a writer, it’s her job to shape words into sentences that convey to the reader what they need to know about Well Kept Chicken coops.

Vicki lives in a town that prohibits keeping chickens, but she’s well acquainted with them. “My first memorable experience with chickens occurred when I was two years old,” Vicki says. “I was by my grandmother’s side as she went out to feed her flock. Of course they came running straight toward us and I was scared to death. A hungry chicken that’s nearly shoulder high can be a frightening thing!”

She’s overcome her fears, though, and enjoys learning about chickens and writing for the Well Kept Chicken website.

Vicki’s hobbies include scrapbooking, reading, traveling, music, movies…the list is endless.