Why Well Kept



High-style, upscale design for those who believe a chicken coop doesn’t
have to look like…a chicken coop!
Door-within-a-door for ultra-safe viewing & ventilation from the
front of the coop.
Rear door with decorative HDPE panel – close for safety and comfort,
open for viewing & ventilation.
Wavy-edge roof slats – design flair you won’t find in any other coop.
Lower courtyard gives your girls access to grass, bugs and worms – YUM!
Add a Playpen or Playground for maximum security.
Quarter-inch thick HDPE decorative window grills featuring attractive
quatrefoil design or ALMOST ANY DESIGN YOU CHOOSE . You see in, the ladies
see out – in safety and style!
Honeycomb ladder/ramp – a delightful foot massage for the girls with the
traction they need.


Exterior nest access doors – one for each of the three nests so you gather those lovely, fresh eggs from
outside without disturbing hens at work.
Enclosed nest boxes – the privacy and security laying hens crave. Located inside the coop so
rain and snow aren’t issues. Easy to remove and clean.
Innovative, in-the-floor trapdoor opens from outside the coop for convenient bird exit/entry
or segregation of birds.
• .     Charming, large front door for easy coop cleaning and bird access.
Cross ventilation keeps air fresh to discourage harmful respiratory ailments.
Single roost for up to 6 birds – a comfortable width for the ladies feet.
Naturally venting roofline – comfort without dangerous drafts.


Perfect fit – CNC computer cut parts for quick and accurate assembly.
•   Precision-crafted corner box joints AND mortise and tenon floor-to- walljoints – among the strongest in woodworking, another detail found only in fine furniture and OUR COOPS.


Continuous hinges (piano hinges) keep doors aligned and prevent sagging.
Made with aluminum in the USA.
Fox-B-Gone™ barrel bolts on all doors – billet aluminum, tamper resistant,             American-made protection for your flock. Weather resistant screws used throughout the coop.
American-made ACX, CDX and CCX exterior plywood panels for strength and durability.
•   Sturdy dimensional lumber from certified sustainable forests in the USA – the heavy-duty framing your coop needs.

Chicken Coop Options

Custom, removable floor covering for no-sweat, lift-out cleaning.
Catch box fits under the roost to minimize coop-poop cleanup.
Add a Playpen or Playground to keep hens contained while they enjoy the outdoors.